There are few things that surpass the joy of having a successful relationship.  A relationship which is able to navigate disagreements to an amicable and win/win solution.  A relationship with mutual trust, deep, soulbearing friendship along with the joy, laughter and fun of lighter moments.  

And there are few things more distressing and painful than the emotional rollercoaster and heartbreak experienced in a troubled relationship.  It can feel like there is no hope and no way back as each party reacts from pain, fear, anger and resentment.  

We are all a product of our experiences and each person brings accumulated baggage into any relationship.  This may be from what was 'learnt' from parents' and past troubled relationships.  One or both partners may have unreal expectations of the other.  Self esteem or shame issues, addictions, raw wounds from past emotional or physical abuse or bullying may cause explosive reactions to genuinely innocuous comments or actions.  So that over time friends and lovers come to view each other more as enemies.

Do you notice any of these behaviours in yourself?  Do you react in anger or silent treatment to something your partner says, does or doesn't do, feel hurt if they go out without you, the list is endless.  With EFT it is possible to find the root cause of these reactions and triggers and 'delete' them so you can choose to respond from love rather than pain, fear, anger and resentment.  And the more you clear out the 'bad stuff' the more you will find that your partner becomes less irritating, disagreements are less confrontational, you become closer and you realise that your relationship is mending.   

While it is optimal if both partners are fully committed, it is possible for one partner to make changes which positively impact the relationship.

EFT is a truly extraordinary tool for healing troubled relationships as it heals from the deepest parts inside.  

And the results are so rewarding.