Body Image

There is a beautiful diversity in body type and shapes but instead of embracing and accepting all, each society, culture, or even family group down through the ages has had a 'favourite' or more acceptable one.  And if you fall outside this perceived 'normal' it may be that you feel inferior have low self esteem, or feel unworthy, etc.  If you are healthy and fit and yet still do suffer from these feelings, it may be a case of exploring the root cause of these feelings and whether they are actually valid.


A traumatic event is much more than 'just' a story of bullying, sexual assault, physical or emotional abuse, etc, that happened long ago.  The emotions and sensations which were experienced at that time may have become imprinted during the trauma and instead of being memories they are still experienced as disruptive physical reactions and sensations in the present.  And often these may become worse, not better, with time.  


There are few things that surpass the joy of having a successful relationship.  A relationship which is able to navigate disagreements to an amicable and win/win solution.  A relationship with mutual trust, deep, soulbearing friendship along with the joy, laughter and fun of lighter moments.